Learning the basics… Landscapes

From experience we find shooting landscape images repetitive unless you can travel and get to see different sites and destinations and not have a full time job. When using water reflections it is best to get a divide from the land to the water of about 40% water and 60% land/sky, the lower you get to the ground when taking the picture the more impact-full the image will appear (this is a personal preference). The mirroring that you create from the water can be more effective in the early mornings when the water is more still and create a glass like appearance.


The wind was too strong throughout the day so could not get the still water reflection.

More helpful advise to come.

or why not Hire us for an special event, we have a wide range of Photography skills from products shot to life style images. Combined with Photoshop editing which will give you a great looking images to help sell and promote products and services.

Photography Services

  • Product Photography
  • Wedding Photography (all types)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Portrait Photography
  • Parties and Corporate Events
  • Charity Events

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