Learning the basics… shutter speeds

Shutter Speeds allow you to change the amount of time the shutter is open.

The Streets

Shutter speeds can be fun to play with. Longer shutter speeds allow more light in, but remember not to over expose your images, this will reduce the detail within the picture. The above picture was taken over a 30sec shutter speed, this is a good way of showing movement within any image. It also allows you to experiment with lights (image below). This took a few attempts but the result is pretty good. Remember that a longer shutter speed will require a sturdy tripod to avoid camera shake and to get the detailed picture you wanted.

Merry Christmas

A quick shutter speed can also be very interesting to experiment with, I captured these water droplets (below image) from the melting snow on the shed roof. My shutter speed was set at 1/2000s and you can see that it was a bright day so the ISO was high, giving me a chance to adjust the shutter speed to allow as little light as possible to capture in high speed.


More helpful advise to come.

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