Learning the basics… Cameras part 1

These days everyone has a camera of some kind, ranging from Phone cameras to a compact Digital, DSLR or even an old film camera. They may look different and have all kinds of features but at the end of the day they all do the same thing… capture your memories!

We love the retro Look and will never count out the good old film photography! We have a love for the whole process of film and the “you don’t know what you’ll get until you see it” when developing, thankfully you can still get your films processed at your local supermarkets and even put on a disk making them digital.

Praktica MTL5 and Brownie No2

As the old style photos are coming back with sites and apps such as Instagram and Snapspeed you can create your retro look images, but you can never discount the good old film cameras to get the original retro feel back into your life.


Being able to taking photos is one thing but leaving them on your camera to never see the light of day is a waste, since the digital era getting your photos printed has never been easier, there are many photo printing websites and even large supermarkets that all offer deals or even free prints. As a company we offer a full digital service from expert Photography, custom editing, photo restoration and even custom prints.

Website Image T+S1

We will continue to use a film camera to get the “retro looks” but due to film processing not being cost effective we will use digital and film cameras side by side.

So why not go back and get Retro this Thursday!! post us your retro photos on our Facebook page, Digital or even film!!

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Why not Hire us for an special event, we have a wide range of Photography skills from products shot to life style images. Combined with Photoshop editing which will give you a great looking images to help sell and promote products and services.

Photography Services

  • Product Photography
  • Wedding Photography (all types)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Portrait Photography
  • Parties and Corporate Events
  • Charity Events

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